He is an NGO Supporter List of the Free Papua Movement Overseas

Supporters of the Free Papua Movement Abroad (ist)
Existence and support of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) recently intensified. When President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited Darwin, Papua Movement supporters greeted demonstrations.
Not only that, during the celebration of the 66th Anniversary of the Police to the Momennya conjunction with the celebration of the establishment of OPM, recorded at least six bendara OPM raised, Sunday (1/7).
At the same time, the OPM-led attack Pekikir Lambert 413 Yon Kostrad troops patrol in the village of mustard Tami, Keerom. One civilian was reportedly killed. Sawi village chief victim is Tami, John.
Why the Free Papua movement is getting stronger? Like it or not, the Free Papua movement is currently supported by foreign parties who consistently pushes the Free Papua movement internationally.
A social media Twitter account has a list of organizations (institutions) NGO Free Papua Movement supporters abroad. Accounts Global Conspiracy KG @ kospirasiglobal mention a number of NGOs in a number of countries that support the Free Papua Movement:
English:Ascociation West Papua, the Indonesian Prisoners Human Rights Campaign, the Forest People Programme, the National Union of Student, The Foundationfor Endagered Languages, Down to Earth, World Development Movement, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Oxford right for Papua Campaign, and Cambridge Campaighn for Peace.
Australia:Australia West Papua Asscociation, International Volunteers for Peace, Medical Asscociation for Prevention of War, Pax Christi, and the Religious Society for Friends (Quakers).
The Netherlands:West Papuan Women Asscociation in the Netherlands, Chlindrern of Papua, Foundation Pro Papua, West Papua Courier, Peace Movement, Human Rights, Communication and Development, Pavo-Papuan People'Fundation, The Netherlands Centre for Indigenous People.
New Zealand:Indonesia Human Rights Committee, Peace Movement Aotearoa, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Section-Aoteorea, Peace Foundation-Aoteorea, Christian World Service, Disarmamment & Security Centre, the Global Peace and Justice Auckland, Pax Christi Aotearea, The New Zealand Council of Economic and Culturights, Women for Peace, the Alliance Party.
Ireland:West Papua Action-iriandia, Just-iriandia Forrest, TibetSupport Group-Ireland, Afri-iriandia, Committee of 100-Finland, the East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign-iriandia, Cuba Support Group-Ireland, Latin America Solidarity Centre-iriandia, Trocaire, the Catholic Agency for World Development, Ireland, Ireland Forest Friend / Cairde na Coille-Dublin-Belfast Alternatives to Violence
United States and Canada:East Timor Action Network (AN ET), International Physicians for the Prevetion of Nuclear War, the Indonesia Human Rights Network-USA, Papuan American Student Association-Washington DC-New York-California, Texas and Hawaii, West Papua Action Network (WESPAN) - Canada, Canadian Ecumenical Justice Intiviatives-Canada, Canadian Action for Indonesia and East Timor-Canadians, Canadians Concerned About Ethnic Violence in Indonesia-Canada.
Belgium, Nepal, Sweden:KWIA-Flanders (Belgium), Coalition of the Flemish North South Movement, Brussels Belgium, Nepal Indigenous Peoples Development and Information Service Centre (NIPDISC)-Nepal, Anti-Racism Information Service, Switzerland, the Swedish Association for Free Papua-Sweden
France, Germany, Norway, Denmark:Survivallnternational-French, German-German-Network Paciffic, Regnskogsfondet-Oslo, Norway, International Work Group for Ondigenous Affairs, Denmark.
Fiji, Uganda and Timor Leste:Paciffic Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC), Fiji Island, Foundation for Human Rights Intiative (FHRI) Uganda, the International Platform of Jurists for East Timor-East.



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2 thoughts on “He is an NGO Supporter List of the Free Papua Movement Overseas

    1. The list is - to say the least - the bizarre outpouring of Indonesian paranoia. As a statement just released by some of the groups listed says:

      "The list seems to confuse support for the rights of the people of West Papua with support for a particular West Papuan organization... Lists like these seek to blame others for problems created by the Indonesian government’s and security forces' own policies and actions."

    2. thanks excuse me copy and paste information